Donate to Cities In Schools programs, every dollar donated goes directly back to the children. We work with the community and area schools to meet the growing needs of the children. Your dollars can make a difference in the children we serve. Thank you for your donation. Every dollar matters. Your generosity will directly impact a child in our area and help to brighten their future.

CIS accepts check, cash, and credit card. Checks and cash will need to be mailed or provided in person, and credit card payments can occur in person or over the phone. As long as you provide your name and a mailing address with the donation, CIS will write a contribution letter for you to keep on file for a tax deduction.

How much would it cost per student to sustain our organization with tuition fees?  $1,996.73/program

How much do we charge each student to attend our 33-week After School Program? $225.00 ($25/month)

How much do we charge each student to attend our 8-week Summer Day Camp? $100.00